10 Best Places to Hide Your Guns in Plain Sight

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gunbookA gun safe is a great place to hide your guns from burglars…

At least, that’s what the safe manufacturers tell us.

Another school of thought holds that gun safes are a great way to keep all of your guns in one convenient place for burglars to find them.

One thing is sure, safes are practical in terms of keeping your gun out of the hands of children and unauthorized users, but there are many downfalls to taking this approach. After all, burglars aren’t our only concern when it comes to hiding firearms. Not to mention, you can hardly call a gun safe a place with “ready access.”

The odds are high that when you really need a gun, you won’t have a chance to go to the safe and punch in your combo. When trouble comes knocking, you may only have a few seconds to get ready.

That’s why many shooters opt to store their firearms in unconventional and sneaky places around the home, places where no one would think to look for them — but that you could access quickly in a pinch.

Although most of you probably have at least one firearm hidden in a strategic location, it is always a good idea to have multiple options. Additionally, some preppers are newcomers to owning guns, and they may benefit from receiving some practical advice.

As always, you know your home and the size of your gun better than anyone else, so it is best to make adjustments to these tips as needed.

Read on to see our top 10 places to “hide” your guns in plain sight.

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