10 Places to Avoid At All Costs When the Grid Goes Down

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4. FEMA Camps

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Government camps such as those put in place by FEMA may seem like a good idea at first, but how easy it will be “check out” of one of these camps is anybody’s guess. Will these be “soft internment camps” or will residents have to present a plan and destination before leaving? One thing is sure, this won’t be summer camp with marshmallows, archery, and panty raids.

Therefore, these camps should be used only as a last resort or to help you ride out the first part of civilization’s downfall. Make sure that you are prepared and able to leave at a moment’s notice if you choose to enter one of these camps.


5. A Hospital

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At a first glance, a hospital might seem like the perfect destination. After all, they most likely have extensive power generators, along with medical supplies, doctors and food.

But the downside is that there will be a lot of scared people in need inside each hospital, and you will also be taking the risk of contracting a serious illness that could be very difficult to treat as the world falls apart.

Photo by Phalinn Ooi

6. Major Highways and Roads

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If you will be attempting to travel any long distances, it is much better to stick to smaller back-roads than joining the mobs of people that will undoubtedly use major highways and roads in their quest to get out of town.

Once again, major highways are hub between major cities. The initial flood of traffic onto these roads will be the equivalent of a nationwide hurricane evacuation. These roads will be littered with overheating vehicles, people who ran out of gas, and the people seeking to take advantage of them.

Rural routes will not only be less congested but they could also help you steer clear of a roadside ambush.

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