10 Places to Avoid At All Costs When the Grid Goes Down

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7. Prison

outage 17

By the time Rick Grimes and the other survivors on “The Walking Dead” made it to the prison, the place was almost deserted.

Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen in the real world. Instead, prisons should always be given a wide berth because they will probably still be filled with dangerous criminals.

Even if the criminals all escaped, the odds are high that they raided the supplies on their way out the door. When you see those “don’t pickup hitchhikers” signs indicating a prison nearby, take note. These are areas to avoid like the plague when guards may be more interested in taking care of their families than containing prisoners.

Photo by Jumilla

8. A Tavern

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Admit it: you have least jokingly considered the possibility of going to your version of The Winchester when the SHTF.

Sadly, this is not “Shaun of the Dead,” and alcohol is truly the last thing you need during an emergency — unless you are trying to sterilize a wound.

Overall, a bar will be hard to defend and will not have the type of supplies that you really need to survive.

Photo by Roger Blackwe

9. Military Bases

Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C., move to their objective April 29, 2010, after conducting airborne operations the night before as part of a joint forcible entry exercise. The exercise provides the Soldiers with training for real-world contingency operations. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Sean M. Worrell)It’s hard to predict exactly what type of disaster planning goes on in and around military installations, but one thing is certain: They will be on high alert in a major disaster.

Military bases will be heavily fortified and security will be high. These areas may be used as temporary shelters or civilians may be locked out completely.  It is best to stay off of the government’s radar if you do not wish to be forced into a FEMA camp, so stay away from military bases.

Photo by The U.S. Army

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