10 Places to Avoid At All Costs When the Grid Goes Down

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10. The Woods (if You Don’t Have Knowledge/Skills)

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Most preppers envision heading to the woods when the SHTF, kind of a romantic notion of becoming a post-apocalyptic Moses figure guiding your family to safety.

If you plan to guide your people through the woods, you’d better fully comprehend the responsibility that you are taking on your back.

Specific plans had better be in place. Locations, supplies, and clearances must be gathered well in advance. Are you planning to seek refuge in a national park, or

You probably will not have the necessary supplies to survive in the woods gathered yet, and you may be giving yourself a death sentence if you go wandering into an unknown forest without a way to feed yourself or make shelter. This problem becomes even worse if you do not know how to build a fire or which berries are safe to eat.

Ultimately, you need to be aware of your limitations so that you can make the best choice to increase your odds of survival. Some people may be forced to rely on FEMA camps to even have a chance at making it through the chaos, but those of you who put a solid plan together and have a firm grasp on basic survival skills will be better off on your own.

Photo by Matthias Ripp

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