10 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed in an Emergency

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If you’re a prepper, then the name of the game is survival.

But what happens when the “survival” tactics you’ve been taught turn out to be a pack of lies?

Unfortunately, there’s a TON of misinformation swirling around the survivalism movement. Some of it simply doesn’t work at all, putting your plans in serious danger of failure or collapse. Some of these myths will straight up put you in danger or make a dangerous situation much much worse.

Society doesn’t need to fall apart in order for these myths to do you harm, either. Bad advice is as bad today as it would be in a SHTF situation.  One wrong move with a so-called “survival technique” could kill you if you find yourself in an emergency situation later on today.

To help you DELETE these common survival myths from your memory bank, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest survival whoppers that are actually false and/or even deadly.

MYTH #1. Never Try to Suck Out Snake Venom


One of the most prevalent and inaccurate survival myths involves snakes and their venom.

If you still believe that you can successfully suck out venom to save someone’s life, it’s time to pay close attention because you can’t.

All this will do is expose you to the venom and potentially even make the flow of the venom move faster through the afflicted individual’s bloodstream.

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Therefore, never attempt to perform this unsafe and possibly deadly maneuver.

Photo by Gavin St. Ours

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