10 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed in an Emergency

5. You DON’T Need to Find Food Immediately


Survival shows always depict people setting traps and doing improvised hunting right away. If you are in an emergency situation in the woods, though, this actually shouldn’t be your first priority.

Instead, finding a viable shelter and some water is much more important. Your body will survive 21 days without food (unless you have certain serious medical conditions). Without water, though, you will only survive for three days.

Obviously if you’re in a situation where you’re unlikely to be rescued or make your way to food within three weeks, you’ll need to take steps to find some nearby.

Keep in mind that there are many edible items in the woods, including nuts, which are typically much more reliable than setting a trap. In any other scenario, it’s best to drink water, conserve your energy and stay in your shelter until you’re able to get help.

Photo by Michael Stern

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