10 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed in an Emergency

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6. Don’t Try to Start a Fire with Just Two Sticks


Have you ever actually tried to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together? There are methods for achieving this, but even the bow-drill method is extremely time consuming.

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This can work in some situations, but what happens if you’re in a damp area or you’re unable to work up enough friction to get a fire going? The truth is, starting a friction fire is not a good use of your most precious resource: Time.

Even worse, what if you get a minimal flame and can’t keep it going because it’s quite simply too small and you’re fighting with external factors such as the wind and rain?

Don’t rely on the misconception that anyone can start a fire with two sticks. Instead, prepare yourself for any trip into the woods by always carrying a lighter, spark-rod and stormproof matches. The odds are high you won’t end up needing them for a quick outing in the woods, but take them anyway just in case.

Photo by Trevor Hurlbut

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