10 Survival Tips You Can Learn from the Star Wars Series

10. Choose Armor That is Highly Protective

Star Wars 10

Armor could prove to be very useful, especially if you end up in some type of “The Walking Dead” scenario where people are constantly shooting at each other. In the original “Star Wars” trilogy, the Stormtroopers have armor that appears to be protective, but this is very deceptive. In reality, a single shot to the chest was typically good enough to knock out or kill a trooper, and what good is that going to do you? Therefore, if you purchase or create armor, make sure that it is actually bulletproof and also able to withstand most animal bites.

With all of these survival tips and many more crammed into the series, you now have a prepper approved reason to re-watch the first six movies (well, perhaps you should skip “The Phantom Menace”). “The Force Awakens” is also certain to be full of great ideas, and it even looks like the Stormtroopers have upgraded to a hardier form of armor!

Photo by Karl Palutke

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