11 Non-lethal Self-Defense Gifts for the Prepper That Has Everything


Well, that rounds up our list of 11 gift ideas to get for the pro self-defense addict that has everything. These gifts are sure to be appreciated by that certain devotee you’ve been thinking about gifting lately. However, if you’re still not certain after reading about these ideas (and you have deep pockets), you may want to invest in something more expensive. The following gift, we’ll call it #12 as a backup, is for that special someone that is prepping for doomsday and probably has a secret room full of self-defense and survival stuff stashed for the approaching end of days.

One coveted “Holy Grail” of self-defense gifts that is sure to make them proud when they get it is the First 24 Hours Survival Kit. The recipient can rest easy that they are prepared for a SHTF event, and the kit that comes with a sturdy case holds essential self-defense and survival tools they’ll need to stay alive during the early moments of a major societal collapse. Hopefully you can survive the sticker shock because survival apparently involves shelling out $1,499.00 for the kit. Hey, who wants to skimp on tools that help your self-defense guru survive the apocalypse, anyway?

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