10 Super Badass Outdoor Gifts for 2016 [GIFT GUIDE]

If we know one thing about those diehard members of the self-reliance movement, it’s that they have an awful lot of stuff. That’s a nice way of saying they’re nearly impossible to shop for.

HenryAR7You may have friends like this. You may even be one yourself. People with this personality type are the prototypical “guy who has everything.”

If you have someone like this on your shopping list, you’re in luck. Why?

Because here at The Patriot Caller, we’ve accepted the challenge of sifting through the best of the top gear and coming up with the Top 10 Survival Gifts that are guaranteed to be a smash hit with any survivalist, outdoorsman, or firearms enthusiast you can dig up.

Even better, these gifts are just as valuable to the weekend warrior as they are to any fur-lined backcountry survivalist.

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