10 Super Badass Outdoor Gifts for 2016 [GIFT GUIDE]

Magnesium Fire Starters 

image029When it comes to outdoorsy stocking stuffers, it’s hard to beat the classic magnesium fire starter.

While there are lots of low-quality lookalikes on the market, the MCG Magnesium Fire Starter is built using military specs and higher-grade magnesium. This results in both easier fire starting and a longer lifespan.

This is the exact same style of fire starter that’s standard issue for Army Ranger survival packs.

Unlike virtually any other form of fire tool on the market, the magnesium and ferro rod combination is the only one that includes both the spark and accelerant in a permanently on demand package.

When you think about it, the StarFire is quite impressive, but it requires battery power. Several other zippo-style fire starters are also wind resistant, yet they require fuel. Leave them in a backpack for a few months, and they may not function properly when you need them most.

Retail: $6.95

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