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StarFire Plasma

We’ve already established that everyone needs a flashlight close at hand in nearly every room or vehicle you own, at all times. Now, if that flashlight happens to be rechargeable, blindingly bright, and with gnarly retrctable teeth for a self-defense situation, that’s all the better.

Now, imagine that this flashlight can also light a survival fire (or the wick of a regular old scented candle) at the press of a button. It pretty much makes your old butane lighters obsolete and it can even outduel a Zippo in windy conditions.

And no, you don’t achieve this by shining the StarFire’s ultra-bright LED beam through a magnifying glass. It’s a bit more sophisticated than that. The “fire” portion of the StarFire’s namesake is a handy plasma arc that runs on the flashlight’s rechargeable battery pack.

We’re not usually bowled over with the latest tech fads, but this feature really got our attention. In short, the StarFire’s “arc” is created by two electrodes protected by a screwed cap on the end of the flashlight. Once unscrewed (you wouldn’t hardly know it was there), the bottom of the flashlight is a windproof, butane-free rechargeable lighter.

The combination of uses this innovative tool provides makes it a shoe-in for pretty much any bug-out bags, hiking backpacks, or the glove compartment for you vehicle.

Retail: $54

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