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MCG TTB-500 Tactical Flashlight [75% OFF]

The TTBs hold a few key self-defense advantages over the others. At just 3.5 inches in length, the TTB 500 is small enough to realistically carry on your belt and, yes, it comes equipped with a belt clip.


As an EDC tool, “carry-ability” is super critical. If you can’t get comfortable carrying a flashlight, it really doesn’t matter how cool it is. You won’t have it when you need it most.

With 250 lumens, it’s got plenty of light to pull off an effective “flash and smash” maneuver on a bad guy. It’s got a pretty mean looking raised striking bevel as well. Of course, we had to test it on a few unfortunate garden veggies (the results were appropriately disgusting).

To top it off, the TTB-500 runs on just 1 AA battery. When was the last time you owned a flashlight that only needed 1 garden-variety battery?

The 500 is a highly impressive compact light that packs an large amount of firepower into a piece of heavy duty, aircraft aluminum that’s small enough to carry all day. In fact, that’s why we selected the TTB-500 as #1 in our list of TSA-Friendly Concealed Weapons.

Retail: $7

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