10 Super Badass Outdoor Gifts for 2016 [GIFT GUIDE]

419MJ3poxAL Daiwa Mini Spin Travel Pack

Give a man a fish and he’ll probably think it’s a weird Christmas gift. Give that man a compact fishing kit that fits easily in his car, backpack, or emergency stockpile, and he may one day have you to thank for saving his life (or more likely a fishing trip where he forgot his regular rod and reel).

There are a lot of subcompact “survival” fishing setups out there, but the truth of the matter is that most of their manufactures are banking on the fact that you’ll never actually try to use them to catch a fish, a task for which they’re surprisingly ill-equipped.

The “Minispin” compact rod and reel, on the other hand, could easily serve as your primary fishing setup. Though you may not be ready to replace your “old faithful,” this awesome combo can easily ride along in case you need a backup.

Retail: $45

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