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MCG-13 Stainless Steel Pocketknife

We say this a lot at Patriot Caller, but it bears repeating: There’s just no such thing as having “enough” knives. It’s a simple fact of life as far as we’re concerned.

We’re all quite familiar with the ubiquitous “Swiss Army” pocketknife, known the world over for packing tons of functions into a handy, pocket-sized tool. But when you think back about these famous knives… Were there ever any “tools” included with your Swiss Army knives that you actually used?

We seem to remember toothpicks, nail files, and a bunch of similarly shaped blades, some wider, some thinner, that were basically interchangeable. Not to knock the Swiss Army, but their prized knives were mostly redundant and unnecessary.

As if it’s hard to find a toothpick alternative!

You could even, imagine this, whittle one with your knife if necessary. And who wants a re-usable toothpick anyway?

All of this to say that so-called “multi-tools” are only truly valuable if they can functionally replace other tools you actually need. That’s exactly what sets the MCG-13 knife apart.

In addition to a razor sharp and very capable stainless blade, the MCG 13 includes an LED flashlight, screwdrivers (slotted and Phillips), scissors, a handsaw, and even a magnifying glass.

Sure, you might rather have a standard bow-saw instead of a pocketknife version, or a 1000 lumen tactical flashlight instead of the MCG-13 version. That’s beside the point. The MCG-13’s tool kit will serve you in a pinch, whether that’s on a fishing trip or in a SHTF scenario. They’ll darned sure be more helpful than a reusable toothpick.

Retail: $6.95

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