10 Super Badass Outdoor Gifts for 2016 [GIFT GUIDE]

6n1fence6N1 Survival Knife

Every hunter, fisherman, or outdoors enthusiast needs a rock solid knife by their side. And while we all love a nice, shiny single purpose “show knife” that you carry around for filleting fish or skinning game in record time, this isn’t one of those.

The MCG 6N1 is a spring-assisted working knife you can use to cut ropes, pry open canned food, slice through zip ties, and more… a whole lot more, actually.

As you may have guessed by the name (6N1), this knife serves 5 other functions apart from being a big honking pocketknife. Those bonus features include a fire starting (ferrocerium) rod, an LED light, cord cutter, emergency window breaker, and a bottle opener.

That’s not to gloss over the meat and potatoes of the 6N1: The powder coated, stainless steel serrated blade.

Retail: $47

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