[VIDEO] 7 Unbelievable Gun Battles Where No Lives Are Lost (Somehow…)


It’s hard to imagine any situation more stressful and with higher stakes than getting caught up in a shootout. While many self-defense enthusiasts seem taken with the attitude that it’s no big deal to exchange fire with a bad guy, they’ve clearly missed the mark.

As we see over and over in these harrowing videos, most gunfights (if not the large majority) are a whirlwind of danger, confusion, and dumb luck. No matter how much training you have or how well armed you might be, chaos can put you at a serious disadvantage.

If you’re one of those who don’t agree, then it’s even more important that you watch these. It’s hard to deny that, even with any level of training, navigating these deadly encounters without taking a bullet is mostly a matter beyond your control.

Whether you have the benefit of training from the police academy, US Marines, or a tactical carry seminar, these gunfights have the ability to take ANYONE by surprise… especially when you’re dealing with complete idiots like those in the following video.

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