7 Ways to Quickly and Easily Fortify Your Home

2. Reinforce Your Fence with Wood

Is your fencing weak or easy to cut through with bolt cutters? Grab some wood to reinforce it. You can attach wood to the entire backside of the fence to not only make it stronger but also to block the view of your property that a standard fence allows.

A reinforced fence will prevent prying eyes from casing your property without exposing a concerted effort, one of the first principles of home security. Of course, the added reinforcement of the fence beefs up your security plan considerably, if you feel that your fencing may be too easily compromised.

Again, you’ll have to be ready to put wood onto the back of the entire fence and gate.

It would be a good idea to have some wood precut to fit your fence, along with having any necessary holes drilled and the rest of the supplies you’ll need stored in the same location.

Photo by Design Build Love

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