7 Ways to Quickly and Easily Fortify Your Home

4. Setup Booby Traps

Most booby traps are illegal, so you’re not going to want to do this unless society has truly fallen apart.

However, if that does happen, you need to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend yourself.

This means resorting to some fun and rather nasty booby traps such as the stake pit in the nearby image. A few practical and relatively easy to pull off booby traps include building a stake pit (be sure to choose solid wood that is easy to carve; wooden baseboards are ideal), putting trip wires in place and liberally pouring broken glass all over your window ledges (especially if the ledges are high enough that a would-be intruder can’t see the glass).

Just in case, we’re going to repeat something important: most booby traps are illegal. So don’t go putting these in place now. Instead, get the supplies prepared so that you can put them in place very quickly and easily if it ever becomes necessary.

Photo by Tyler

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