8 Tips for Taking Down Rampaging Terrorists in Public

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Terrorist attacks are on the rise everywhere you look, it seems. And as we’ve seen, these attacks can take many forms.

Whether it’s a suicide bomber in a crowded stadium or the driver of a car who intentionally runs people over, though, your odds of survival will hinge on many factors.

While it’s true that some things are just outside our control, those who take self-reliance serious should always focus on the ways they can make a difference..

After all, preparing for a disastrous situation is what preppers and survivalists do best, so let’s apply that mindset to stopping a terrorist mid-attack.

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Before we begin, we must say that no tactic is ever guaranteed to work. Rather than looking at these as steps or tips, the best way to think of these things is a checklist.

The more items you can check off this list, the better prepared you’ll be for each rampaging lunatic or lunatics.

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