8 Tips for Taking Down Rampaging Terrorists in Public

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1. Arm Yourself in Advance

A concealed carry handgun is an option for many, but not everyone in all states and jurisdictions. Furthermore, carrying a gun is not a blanket cure-all for a rampaging terrorist scenario.

Fact is, you’re far more likely to face the aftermath of such an attack than the attacker himself. Most with the sheepdog mindset wish they could confront a rampaging attacker. Thing is, these things tend to happen on that one day you don’t carry your firearm.

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It key to consider your body as both a weapon to take down an attacker and a vehicle to get yourself to safety.

Most people think that they’re in better physical shape than they actually are. The reality is that taking down a terrorist mid-attack may be something you can accomplish with your concealed carry gun, but you might also have to rely on your physical strength to literally take the terrorist down.

Prepping for a terrorist attack is similar to prepping for when the SHTF; in both instances, you’ll need to be strong physically and mentally. Developing a regular workout routine that includes strength, cardio and flexibility training is going to give you the best odds of defending yourself during any type of altercation.

Don’t forget to also add some self-defense training into the mix so that you know the best way to use your body as a weapon.

Photo by Matt Deavenport

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