Bang for Your Buck: 5 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget

Taurus PT 111 – 40 S&W

pt111If “bang for you buck” is your #1 criteria for your next handgun, it’s hard to beat Taurus, particularly the PT 111. Designed for concealed carry, this gun is both lightweight and compact, with a built-in accessory rail. The PT 111 also boasts a lot of safety features that we like, such as a chamber indicator and Taurus security key system for safe storage. In short, there’s a keyhole on the backstrap that engages a built-in trigger lock.

The feel and operations of the PT 111 is extremely Glock-like. In fact, if you go into many gun stores these days to buy a Glock, the sales associate will probably show you a Taurus for comparison, especially if they get the sense that price is an issue.

With a 10+1 capacity and extremely high marks for reliability and shooting enjoyment, the PT 111 is a steal for under $300. RETAIL: $289

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