Bang for Your Buck: 5 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget

Walther CCP 9mm

waltherAny good James Bond fan is highly familiar with the Walther name. While this weapon is a far cry from the old tried and true PPK (it’s much more advanced), you get the benefit of the Walther name at a very reasonable price. Walther has built its reputation on rock solid reliability in a compact package. The CCP 9mm fits that criteria quite well, thought the same can be said of many of the other guns on this list.

Built for conceal carry (CCP stands for “concealed carry pistol, btw), this Walther is perfect for discrete carrying, yet the grips are large enough for comfortable shooting (unlike many compact pistols). It comes standard with a standard picatinny rail for accessories. One byproduct of the CCP’s small size is, of course, it’s fairly low single-stack magazine capacity (8 rounds). RETAIL: $450

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