Bang for Your Buck: 5 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget



As stated above, the Austrian-made Glock revolutionized the handgun forever with its polymer design. Early detractors made fun of it for looking like a “block” of plastic, but most have since been won over by the Glock’s simple, light-weight, and nearly indestructible design. And judging by how many look-alikes have flooded onto the market, many shooters have come around how the Glock’s appearance too.

The M23 is a compact model that is easy to carry, fun to shoot, and yet versatile enough to serve pretty much any pistol shooting application out there. Many federal organizations, such as the FBI, carry this mid-size Glock, as opposed to the smaller M22. Expert after expert will tell you that, if you’re only going to own one pistol, this is the one to get. Retail: $549

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