Bang for Your Buck: 5 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget

Smith & Wesson SD40VE

sd40Despite its very reasonable price and not-so user friendly features, this gun is getting rave reviews from budget-conscious shooters. And why not? It’s a well-priced Glock clone with a crisp trigger pull and unstoppable reliability.

There’s nothing fancy or flashy about the SDVE lineup. These pistols have the standard polymer frame, middle of the road magazine capacities (14+1 for the .40 SW), and they’ve got the silver and black finish S&W has been turning out for years. The takedown “lever” is kinda hard to work with too.

But all of that fades away when you start shooing. Suddenly, you start wondering why you’d even need to pay more than $379 bucks. Retail: $379

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