Top 5 Rifle Calibers for Deer Hunting [GUIDE]

.30-06 Springfield

30-06Yet another extremely overlooked hunting caliber is the classic .30-06, the unofficially official “all-around most versatile caliberĀ for North American hunting.”

The .30-06 delivers a big old bullet, surprisingly light recoil, and shooters can restock just about anywhere ammo is sold.

About the only thing working against the .30-06 is that its been around a long, long while and it’s not the fastest 30 caliber round on the shelf.

Another major benefit that comes with the .30-06 is that it can be found in weights ranging from 125-grain up to 180-grain. So, no matter what you are hunting on this continent, including moose, you can carry your .30-06 confidently.

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