Do THIS When a Venomous Snake Bites You [INSTRUCTIONS]

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If No Help is Coming… gulp

Outside of the administration of the appropriate antivenom, there is virtually no effective treatment for the toxins contained in the snake’s venom.

As we’ve seen already, there is no proven method to extract a significant amount of the venom, which is now spreading through the victim’s circulatory system. No suction will remove enough venom to make a difference, if in fact the snake dosed the victim heavily.

In essence, true SHTF treatment is limited to maximizing comfort and treating symptoms. Beyond that, treatment in the worst case or primitive scenarios is reduced to a waiting game.

Symptoms from the venom itself may take 2 hours to appear:


Symptoms of shock, on the other hand, may present themselves immediately.

If you suspect the victim may be going into shock, have them lay down on their back, elevating their feet 12 inches if possible. Encourage them to take calm, even breaths and monitor their vitals.

If medical attention is out of reach, it’s essential that you observe and monitor vital signs. Be ready to administer CPR if necessary and you are trained. Help the victim stay as comfortable and immobile as possible throughout the ordeal.

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