How to Build an Emergency Survival Shelter

3. A Frame Super Shelter

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So far, we’ve shown you what to do quickly during an emergency. But what if you had more time? Imagine for a moment that society has crumbled and you’re living in the woods. Temporary shelters will get you through for a while, but you will want something sturdier for the long haul. Assuming you have no cabin and it’s not safe to go back to suburbia and set up in someone’s old house, you could build an A frame super shelter. This is also a project you could start working on now in any nearby woods so that you have somewhere to go in the future.

As the video depicts, you will need a few basic tools to complete this project. You will also need to gather a lot of branches, bark and twigs. Once the shelter is finished, you will have enough room to build a small campfire inside of it. Although it will take time and some knowledge of tools, this is still a fairly simple shelter that almost anyone could learn how to put together.

Remember: during an emergency, you need to build a shelter quickly. However, this doesn’t stop you from working on a better solution during the day. You can also easily modify this super shelter idea to create a very quick A frame that will be sufficient enough for short-term usage.

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