How to Survive a Nuclear Sneak Attack [STEP-BY-STEP]

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2. Don’t Look at the Fireball


The intense light may blind you. In a situation as dire as a nuclear blast, you cannot afford even a temporary blindness.

3. Remove any Flammable Materials

While you’re seeking shelter, you also need to ditch any flammable materials that you’re wearing or carrying, as it is likely to ignite. The more out in the open you are, the greater this risk becomes.

Trees and fence posts near to the detonation will immediately catch fire. This is why being surrounded by iron, concrete, or earth is ideal.

4. Open Your Mouth

It might seem odd, but leaving your mouth open will help prevent your eardrums from bursting as the pressure wave passes over you.

5. Duck and Cover

Most people make fun of the duck and cover recommendations of the past, but guess what?

If you’re outside of the immediate blast zone, you absolutely should duck and cover to avoid injuries from falling debris.

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