How to Survive a Nuclear Sneak Attack [STEP-BY-STEP]

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Cities That Need to Be on High Alert

Fire in the city overview

  1. New York City – Unfortunately, New York City could see another major attack on its soil. There are many reasons that this city in particular could be targeted, ranging from ease of access and large population all the way to it being where President Trump has his private residence.

It’s also important to note that there are several nuclear power plants in that portion of the country. Sadly, this means that millions of people could be killed immediately. Those in the greater NYC area should be able to utilize our previously listed survival tips to make it through the disaster, though.

  1. Los Angeles – This is another prime spot for terrorists and hostile nations to target because, again, it’s easier to access. The greater Los Angeles area is also home to the second largest population in the country. A nuclear power plant is situated approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, and this could be another target for a smaller operation. Aside from these practical reasons, our new president is a celebrity who has been on reality TV. Attacking Hollywood may be a way to send a message.
  1. Chicago – If the goal is to spread mass panic while taking out one of the largest population centers in the U.S., it would make sense to target Chicago. After all, there’s a psychological aspect to these attacks, and sticking solely to one of the coasts will make those in the middle portion of the country feel safer. With this in mind, everyone in a major Midwestern area should take the same precautions as those in major coastal cities.
  2. Washington, DC – This area doesn’t have the population mass of dozens of other cities, but it’s highly symbolic. Even if the president is known not to be in town before the attack is launched, it would still be damaging to his psyche and that of the entire country to destroy the national capital.
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