Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

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Remington 700 VTR


The “VTR” in this version of Remington’s venerable Model 700 stands for “Varmint Tactical Rifle.” Why would someone hunting varmints even need to get very tactical? It’s not like a gray fox is going to return fire or anything.

Either way, you’ll notice that there’s a strong link between rifles designed for precision shooting and those designed for varmint hunting. In the off-the-shelf market, they’re one in the same.

The 700 VTR comes chambered in both .260 Remington and .308 Winchester, both excellent rounds for shooting at long distances, as we’ve already established.

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Other perks offered by the 700 VTR are Remington’s X-Mark externally adjustable trigger, the “Super Cell” recoil pad, a contoured 22” barrel, a picatinny rail system, and a tactical barrel with muzzle breaks.

While it’s not exactly “cheap” by most standards, it does have all of the upgrades in one nice and tidy package. Upgrading all of these pieces individually would make this a $2,000 custom rifle, and you still wouldn’t have a scope on it.

RETAIL: $789

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