Snake Shooters: Top 5 Small Game Handguns [PICS]

snakejudgerTaurus Judge

As we’ve already discussed, you’re not going to find too much difference between this revolver and the Governor, aside from the price. The Judge came first and heavily inspired the Governor.

The Judge is roughly the same weight (1.76 pounds) accepts the same size .410 cartridges (5 of them) that the Governor does, as well as the .45 Colt, but not the .45 ACP. As of this writing, there were 14 different configurations of the Judge listed for sale on the Taurus website. In other words, there’s plenty of variety to choose from if you want to go with this revolver.

Obviously, the S&W model has several advantages over the Judge — an extra round in the cylinder and the ability to accept the .45 ACP — at about twice the price.

Here’s one more thing to consider about both the Judge and the Governor: Both are great “snake guns” but neither are great at anything else.

So, in case you were thinking that these hybrid revolvers were very multipurpose, they’re not. They are great at close range, but don’t compare well in accuracy and effectiveness with a shotgun or traditional sidearm. 

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