15 Surprising “TSA-Friendly” Preparedness Items

1.  Tactical Flashlight

One of the most practical everyday self-defense tools is also allowed in your carry-on.

If you’re wondering  what exactly a “tactical flashlight” is, here’s a quick and dirty definition: An ultra bright flashlight, designed for use as a blinding, weighted, super-strong blunt force weapon.

In fact, self defense instructors have even developed a technique that’s extremely powerful. They call it the “flash and smash,” demonstrated in the nearby video.

In short, a simple flash in the eyes with one of these high-lumens LEDs will leave them with huge temporary blind spots giving you a decided advantage. If the attacker comes within striking distance before you can blind them, you can use the striking surface (usually a serrated crown) to bludgeon them in the face and or throat.

Thus, if you’ve got a tactical flashlight, you’re ALWAYS carrying a concealed weapon. Even on commercial flights.

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