15 Surprising “TSA-Friendly” Preparedness Items

2. Self-Defense Pen

TacticalPenThe self-defense pen, AKA the “tactical pen” is yet another highly effective self-defense tools allowed through most security checkpoints.

In terms of writing, these pens are up there with any refillable $20 office supply store model designed to impress clients. Most do use premium ink cartridges and fit your hand nicely.

Where they truly shine is that the are also designed to beat the crap out of an attacker. They can be used as a fist loads (i.e. roll of quarters), a stabbing weapon, or a grappling aid.

In fact, they basically fill the role of a “kubotan,” an extremely effective short nightstick type of weapon. These short clubs have been used in many different martial arts traditions for hundreds of years, primarily because they are easy to conceal.

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