15 Surprising “TSA-Friendly” Preparedness Items

3. Windproof Plasma Lighters

One thing that people are often surprised by is the fact that you can carry lighters on commercial flights.

You’re not allowed to smoke on board, of course (or tamper with the smoke alarms). BUT you can bring lighters aboard, even a standard Bic.

If you want to take a more tactical approach, you can opt for a windproof plasma style lighter. These lighters use electrodes to send a powerful arc that lights tinder in seconds. They’re also rechargeable also, which is more convenient than a butane refill.

One of our favorite items for your EDC pack is called the StarFire, a flashlight/plasma lighter combo from our friends at MyCrisisGear. This powerful LED flashlight has a blinding beam, a self-defense bevel, and a plasma lighter.

The whole combo is rechargeable.


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