Top 8 Wildest Cat Encounters Caught on Camera [VIDEO GALLERY]

Next: Can You Spot The Stalking Mountain Lion? (He’s Right There!) If you’ve ever wondered how difficult it really is to spot a cougar in the wild, you need to watch this video. Although we don’t think of the mountain lion’s coat as being “camouflaged,” the light color does a pretty good job concealing their hiding spots in a wide variety of climates. But as you can see, it’s even effective in the snow. Equally impressive is this particular cougar’s ability to sense that it’s being watched. This animal clearly knows that the cameraman is hiding in the bushes — […]

Top 7: Best Guns For Seniors [GUIDE]

Recently, we received an email asking if we can recommend the best guns for seniors. It’s an idea that’s been suggested to us by multiple readers before, yet it had been put on the back burner, partly because it seemed a bit insulting to suggest that seniors would need different firearms that other shooters. Then we received a request that read as follows: “I see a good bit of information on weapons but little that helps me decide what weapons are best for those with less strength.  I am only 60 but I have a genetic defect in connective tissue that does not […]

CRAZY: 2 Huge Bobcats Face Off in Suburban Front Yard [VIDEO]

Lots of suburbanites can relate to waking up to the sound of a morning catfight going on in the bushes outside their front window. But this bizarre catfight takes it to a whole new level… In fact, the sound of these two bobcats squaring off in a suburban Dallas front yard is enough to make you wet the bed. Just listen to these cats go, wow! Luckily it was caught on tape, or no one would ever believe that there was no just one large bobcat trolling this quiet Carrolton, TX neighborhood, but two. Two cats is all it takes to […]

How NOT to Release a Bobcat [VIDEO]

We’re not exactly sure why these two shovel-toting gentlemen are fooling around with this bobcat, but the result is an incredible, entertaining, and highly educational piece of video footage. While many people, including the woman in this video, think of bobcats as fairly benign creatures, they’ve been known to put up quite a fight when they feel threatened. In this instance, the bobcat has been snared in a trap of some kind. RELATED: Crazy Bobcat Attacks a Coyote in a Public Park [VIDEO] Was the trap set by the men in this video, or someone else, we don’t know. This could easily […]

Crazy Bobcat Faces Off With Coyote in City Park [VIDEO]

It’s not often you get to see a bobcat or a coyote in broad daylight, on the side of a popular hiking trail no less. But to witness a coyote-bobcat faceoff, with a video camera in your hands? That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! This bizarre scene apparently took place on the side of the paved bike trail at River Legacy Park in Arlington, TX. Neither of these animals show outward signs of rabies, but their behavior sure makes them suspect. Under any normal circumstances, that bobcat is too close for comfort. RELATED: Headless Cottonmouth Bites Itself [VIDEO] Clearly, the woman on the […]