The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make

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Sugar – While many Americans do everything to avoid sugar in their daily lives, in a survival situation the usefulness of sugar (white or brown) would be very important for both its flavor enhancing qualities and its calories.

Honey – Sweeteners like sugar and honey come in very handy when you’re faced with a bunch of bland survival food choices. Local honey is also thought to help with pollen allergies.

Vinegar – While most of us think of vinegar as something you put on food, it can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables, and to disinfect cutting boards and other utensils.

Spices – Just like condiments, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. will be in high demand as the food supply gets more repetitive. Think about how important the spice trade was in Renaissance Europe.

Cooking Oil – Have you ever tried cooking without some kind of oil? It’s almost impossible to not burn whatever’s in your pan. If you stock up on olive oil, you can also use it in dressings and dips.

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