The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make

Bugging Out isn’t the End All…10482384916_3c7437e99b_z

The fact is that, in the immediate aftermath of a crisis, the chances are that you’ll be much safer, comfortable, and secure at your primary residence.

Most people plan to head for the hills, but that gets them trapped in miles and miles of gridlock (because everyone else had the same idea). If you’ve ever been caught up in hurricane evacuation gridlock, you have a good idea of what this might be like.

The route to your bug-out location may be drastically different in a crisis than it was in normal conditions. It’s critical that you get this information BEFORE you get stuck in whatever pitfalls may await you on the road.

Obviously, the place you know the most about, where your information network is the strongest, is at your home. Unless your home has been directly impacted by a natural disaster, there’s no reason to flee it in haste. Ideally, your family will be able to stay safe and secure in the home in which they’re most familiar – for at least 72 hours.

Photo: Craig Sunter, Flickr

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