The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make

The Biggest Mistakeoutage 3

These are exactly the reasons why I believe that the #1 prepper mistake of all time isĀ failing to prepare for a shelter in place scenario.

It’s far more likely that you’ll have to wait out civil unrest, blackouts, supply shortages, and other emergencies from your home. It may be too dangerous to travel. Roads may be closed and/or impassible.

Having a complete stockpile of survival supplies in the home is the best disaster insurance plan, precisely because it’s the most likely plan that you’ll need to use.

Even though many Americans haven’t done even a shred of disaster planning, they have a better chance of weathering a crisis safely within their home than on the road. Bugging out takes extraordinary levels of planning and logistics. Think about how much planning it takes to prepare for even a week-long vacation, then multiply that by 100…

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