The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make

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toiletpaperbepreparedToothpaste – You never know how long a crisis might continue, and you want to be prepared to keep up your family’s normal hygiene regime throughout the crisis.

Toilet Paper – Running out of toilet paper is annoying in any situation. But you certainly don’t want to run out in a shelter-in-place crisis scenario. My advice is to get more than enough. Life can get messy.

Zip Lock Bags – It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any specific plans for your bags, keep them on hand because you will find a use for them.

Trash Bags – Trash will still need to be properly disposed of, even in a crisis. In fact, trash bags are even more important in a crisis. If running water is unavailable, trash bags may have to double as a toilet. Don’t skimp here.

Feminine Hygiene Products – If you won’t be sheltering with any women, obviously you can skip this.

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Paper Towels – Once again, because water may be limited, paper towels will be handy for cleaning and drying many things you’d typically use cloth for.

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