The Oddest Things That Need to Be in Your Bug Out Bag

12. Condoms

Some of you may be thinking “of course I’ll have condoms in my bug out bag” because you are thinking primarily of their most common usage. However, it is important to learn about the many other ways that condoms can help your when the SHTF. They can do everything from serving as a rope to tie your shelter in place to making a compress tight enough to stop the flow of blood. Condoms are also a great way to make an emergency glove or lid. Make sure that you purchase non-lubricated, high quality condoms to get the best results.

Ultimately, you want to put together a bug out bag that contains items that have multiple practical uses. Each of the items on this list are a good example of this philosophy, and that’s what should earn them a spot in your bag. What are the oddest items that you already have in your bug out bag? Share your tips in the comments section!

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