The World’s Best Knife Sharpener (HINT: You Already Own It)

1. Use a Sharpening Stone

A pocket bench stone is an easy way to ensure that you can sharpen your blade no matter where you are. Before you purchase a bench stone, make sure that you figure out the appropriate coarseness for your particular blades. In most cases, a medium-coarse grit and medium-fine grit will do the trick, and it is sometimes possible to get both of these specifications between the front and back of one stone. However, if you want to shave with your blade, you will need an even finer grit stone.

It is a good idea to invest in bench-side stone for your home or cabin. These are larger than pocket stones and have a better sharpening capacity. Regardless of which stone you are using, it is best to either steer clear of lubricant altogether or utilize water. There is no good reason to use a lot of oil during the sharpening process.

Start with the medium-coarse grit, and then switch to the medium-fine grit. Incorporating both of these into each sharpening session will give you optimal results. It should not be necessary to run your knife over each side more than five to 10 times to sharpen it up. Always use the same amount of strokes on each side.


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