Top 7 Budget Friendly AR-15s [PICS]

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Ruger AR-556


The AR-556 is another great entry-level AR clone from a highly trusted name in firearms. This offering from Ruger is akin to the M&P15 in the fact that is a basic, mil-spec AR that gets the job done very nicely while staying on budget.

Many of the major manufacturers are now making their own no-frills AR with little to set it apart besides the name on the side. That’s just fine, because you wouldn’t necessarily want a no-name semi-automatic rifle at this price range.

Ruger’s foray into this market has been very well received. Many fans of the brand and its Mini-14 rifle long wished that Ruger would produce a true “black rifle.” Now they have it.

Ruger outfitted this rifle with some nice touches, including a flash higher, milled gas block, 30-round Magpul magazine, and 1:8 twist chrome-lined barrel.  The AR 556 isn’t lacking on any of the basics, including the dust cover, brass deflector, and top-notch accuracy.

If you’re looking for a tack-driver at the lower end of the price spectrum, this may be your best bet.

Retail: $699

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