Top 5 TSA-Friendly Tactical Flashlights for “Everyday Carry”

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j5DefenseSepiaWhen push comes to shove, it’s nice to be well armed…

For many of us, however, carrying a firearm 24/7 is simply not realistic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be armed and dangerous as you go about your day.

Many so-called “non-lethal” weapons can take down an attacker very effectively…  they can even be deadly.

Plus, you can carry them with you into any store, office building, or business in America. One of the most practical and effective of these options is an ultra bright tactical flashlight, design to be used as a blinding, weighted, super-strong blunt force weapon.

In fact, self defense instructors have even developed a technique that’s extremely powerful. They call it the “flash and smash,” demonstrated in the nearby video.

In short, a simple flash in the eyes with one of these high-lumens LEDs will leave them with huge temporary blind spots giving you a decided advantage. If the attacker comes within striking distance before you can blind them, you can use the striking surface (usually a serrated crown) to bludgeon them in the face and or throat.

Thus, if you’ve got a tactical flashlight, you’re ALWAYS carrying a concealed weapon. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about purchasing the right one.

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