Top 5 TSA-Friendly Tactical Flashlights for “Everyday Carry”

Decaker® Professional Grade LED

decakerLarge enough to function as a baton, the Decaker is unique on this list because of its size and application. If you work in a profession in which you carry a large flashlight (like a security guard), this light is much brighter and more weaponized than the traditional Maglite.

The Decaker is zoomable, boasts 1600 lumens, and measures 10.5 inches in length.

Is this an EDC option for most people? Only if carried in a backpack or bag. However, if you are a security professional, this might be your best option. MSRP $39 on Amazon.


For the typical outdoorsman, prepper, or self-defense nut, accessibility and reliability are most important.

When it comes to carrying bulky metal items, there are more effective self-defense tools on the market than a tactical flashlight. The advantage of this option is that it can come with you anywhere — even on a plane.

That’s why, with it’s combination of small size, blinding focus, and nasty striking ability, we prefer the TTB Tactical. It’s right there on you belt when you need it.

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