Top 7: Best Guns For Seniors [GUIDE]

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Charter Arms .38 Special

CharterArms38spWhen it comes to self defense weapons that are safe, straightforward, and easy to shoot, it’s hard to beat the good old fashioned snub-nose revolver.

Obviously, these snub nosed specials aren’t for long distance target shooting, or even mid-range. They can be a lot of fun to shoot, however.

There are many great options out there produced by some of the most reputable names like Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and Colt. For some reason, lots of older shooters tend to prefer the Charter Arms version. It’s got a big comfy rubber grip, minimal recoil, and can fire in single or double-action mode, all for around $300.

If a lightweight revolver is on your list, test drive a Charter 2″ snubbie.

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