How to Make Your Own Survival Fire Putty

Whether you’re in a SHTF situation or you simply find yourself lost in the woods during a rain storm, it will always be important to make a fire quickly in less than ideal conditions. Fortunately, we’ve got a way to start a super quick, blazing fire in any kind of nasty weather conditions (it also works like a champ when you want to impress your friends). We call it “survival fire putty,” but you might also refer to it casually as “DIY napalm.” Survival fire putty makes it possible to quickly and easily make a long-lasting fireball. To help you […]

10 Ways to Get Cooled Off When You’re On a Budget

Summertime is almost here, and meteorologists are predicting a warmer season than normal for much of the country. While we look forward to fun activities such as 4th of July celebrations and parties by the pool, many of us fret over the oppressive heat and higher power bills. That being said, there are several ways you can “beat the heat” this summer that don’t require racking up a huge A/C bill.  And these methods go beyond simple money-savings. They could help you cope with the heat in emergency situations where you may not have access to air-conditioning or even reliable […]

Top 16 Hilariously Hostile No Trespassing Signs [GALLERY]

Clever signs warning unwelcome visitors that they may be putting their lives in danger are nothing new. In fact, wasn’t it King Tut that etched the very first, “You Loot, We Shoot” sign (in heiroglypics of course) into the entrance to his tomb? We’re kidding of course… Many security professionals recommend placing signs in strategic places on your property. We doubt they had these types of signs in mind, however. Warning signs can convey an awful lot with only a few words and a twisted sense of humor. We have no idea whether or not these signs are more effective […]

10 Steps to Keep Pests Out of Your Backyard

For most of us, the backyard is our kingdom and our vegetable garden is our bread basket. And we don’t like intruders ransacking our kingdom, biting us as we BBQ, and pillaging our precious veggies. However, lots of folks are questioning whether or not dousing your yard with nasty chemicals is the best way to “protect” yourself and your kingdom. You might wonder,  aren’t there some steps they can take to avoid, or at least minimize, the use of chemical pesticides in your yard? Well good news. The answer is yes, most definitely. To help you get started, we have gathered […]

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10 Crazy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Most people have hydrogen peroxide on hand for sanitization purposes, but it actually has a long list of functions. Due to this, every prepper and homesteader should have at least one bottle of hydrogen peroxide available at all times, and it would be wise to stock up before the SHTF. To help ensure that you are getting the most out of this highly useful substance, we have complied a list of some of the top ways to utilize hydrogen peroxide, both right now and after an emergency situation.

13 Prepper Uses for Vinegar

If you read this blog regularly, then you know that we champion what we refer to “hyper-multipurpose items.” The best thing about these items isn’t that they serve multiple purposes at a high level — although they do. The best thing is that they allow you to become a masterful improviser. [RELATED] How to Make Your Own Easy SHTF Candles Items like paracord, aluminum foil and hydrogen peroxide are a few examples. In this post, I’m going to nominate vinegar as one of the most useful items to have on hand in an emergency. Vinegar has way, way more than […]

15 Reasons Every Prepper Needs to Stock Up on Safety Pins

If you are like most preppers, you have spent an extensive amount of time determining which items deserve your limited bugout bag space. The real essential items and the hyper-multipurpose items especially. You may have already assembled a few bug-out bags and survival stashes. Well, this may cause you to review your checklists… Because unless you have a stockpile of safety pins on hand, you might find yourself struggling in a number ways when it really counts. Aside from some of the obvious practical uses for a safety pin, there are a surprisingly large number of other reasons to add […]

The 30 Cents a Day Space Heater [VIDEO]

Every so often, we come across an amazingly innovative, money-saving design that we just have to share. This DIY room heater is one of them. Resourceful contraptions like the one we’re going to show you how to build in this article could benefit you in an emergency power outage, sure But it could also keep you warm today… while you’re sitting at your computer. RELATED: 11 Ways to Stay Warmer This Winter Without Raising Your Heating Bill Maybe you work in a poorly insulated room, like a garage or attic conversion, and you just want a way to keep your […]

10 Ways to Discreetly Store Firearms and More!

You have a nice cache of weapons and you have gathered some other essential prepper supplies. Now how can you protect them and safely store them at the same time? It is a good idea to invest in some secret stash options that will enable you to keep your weapons and other essentials close by without having them out in the open. Not only will this make them less likely to be stolen, accidentally fired or used against you during a break-in but it will also give you the important element of surprise if a burglar enters your home. 1. […]

11 Weird (but Useful) Campfire Building Techniques

Everybody needs to know several methods for building a campfire effectively in challenging situations (without gas or matches). You probably wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t feel that fire building is an essential skill, not just for surviving in the backcountry, but simply in the boy scout  sense of having mastery over an essential skill here on planet earth. During a emergency situation, whether in the backcountry or even in suburbia, this could be the only way to cook and generate light and heat until the crisis is over. Most of us know 1 or 2 fire building […]