How to Brew Your Own Homemade Dandelion Beer

Dandelion beer never quite caught on in the US, but this fermented treat was a summertime favorite among the English working classes back in the day. If you’re familiar with foraging, you may know that Dandelion is thought to relieve upset stomachs, indigestion, as well as clear the kidneys and bladder. Dandelion beer is delicious, refreshing, and the ingredients are cheap (especially the dandelions)… But the best thing about this brew is that you made it yourself!

7 Tricks to Hide Your Water Storage

We all know the importance of water in our daily lives, though we tend to take its  availability very much for granted. Think of how the public reacts when threatened with catastrophic weather… the stores are immediately stripped bare, the first target being the water aisle.  Water plays a huge role in our daily lives… we cook, clean, wash with it, we tend our gardens with it.   Water is important to our personal hygiene but  most importantly, it is crucial to our very existence. For any one of the above reasons, it is important to have a water storage […]

[VIDEO] DIY Redneck Rocket Launcher: This Idiot is a Genius!

Need a fun DIY project for this July 4th? How about a redneck rocket launcher? This instructional video shows us, step-by-step, how to build a hillbilly fireworks display that can send upwards of 8,500 bottle rockets into the air in less than 1 minute. RELATED: Redneck Bucket List: Rattlesnake Round-Up  We couldn’t believe how this video ended…

How Much Solar Power Do You Need? [VIDEO]

It’s amazing how little most of us understand electricity — shocking even — especially when you stop and consider how much we depend on it as a power source… Many of us can’t go 5 minutes without checking our smartphones, yet we don’t know the difference between AC and DC power. I’m not saying that every survivalists need to be a certified electrician, but a functional understanding of the basics, as well as safety precautions can come in very handy. If you have aspirations of constructing a solar backup system to sustain power throughout an emergency, it’s going to take […]

13 Prepper Uses for Vinegar

If you read this blog regularly, then you know that I’m a big fan of what I call “hyper-multipurpose items.” The best thing about these items isn’t that they serve multiple purposes at a high level — although they do. The best thing is that they allow you to become a masterful improviser. Items like paracord, aluminum foil, and hydrogen peroxide are a few examples. In this post, I’m going to nominate vinegar as one of the most useful items to have on hand in an emergency. Vinegar has way, way more than 13 uses. In fact, I’m positive that […]

How to Build Your Own DIY Fire Pit

Some people love to plop down on the couch and remain in a vegetative state all weekend. That’s fine for them… We’ve tried it and it just gives us massive cabin fever. That’s why we keep a full slate of cool DIY projects that get us out of the house. If the project can save me some money and improves quality of life at the same time… all the better. That’s why we really love this DIY fire pit project. It only takes a couple of hours to complete. Then afterwards, you have a professional looking pit that you can spend many […]

25 Survival Uses For Paracord: What Did I Miss?

If you’ve been to a gun show or outdoor expo recently, then you probably noticed that tons of guides and experts were wearing bracelets made from a thin piece of rope, AKA “paracord.” Paracord, in case you’re not aware, is an extremely strong form of nylon rope designed for parachutes — hence the name. These bracelets are actually more than just a fashion statement. When unwound, these bracelets are a powerful survival resource. Because they were designed to be used in life-or-death situations (parachutes) you can count on these cords being super strong. These paracord bracelets, keychains, and necklaces (you can find them for sale in […]

16 Brick Rocket Stove

While much of the US is covered in forests, that doesn’t mean that you can count on readily available firewood during a crisis. Hoarding, over-harvesting, and simple supply and demand will make firewood hard to come by in many local areas (as it is in many third world nations). One way to safeguard your own supply is to set aside a cord of wood… But even then, you can’t afford to waste this precious resource. How can you stretch your cooking and heating fuel? Perhaps the best way is to build a  “rocket stove,” a simple stove design that will allow […]

5 Survival Items Within Arm’s Length

Initially, I was going to limit this list to items that fit in your pocket, but then I started digging around and found a few extremely handy items (which I call “hyper-multipurpose”) that I’d have to leave out, like newspaper or aluminum cans… Instead, I’ve settled on items that are most likely within arm’s length of you right now, as you’re reading this. My goal: To turn as many common household items into multi-tools as possible. Changing the way we look at everyday items sharpens our minds in the event that we truly do need to improvise in a SHTF […]

What the Heck is a Survival Tin?

It’s great to have emergency supplies stockpiled in your home. Unfortunately, that won’t do you much good if disaster strikes when you’re on your lunch break downtown or caught in traffic. When you think about it, how much of your day do you really spend at home? For some of us, that’s an hour in the morning, an hour after work, and however long we’re asleep… That’s why the concept of a “survival tin” has become a mainstay for those who live by the Boy Scouts motto: Always be prepared. What is a Survival Tin? Simply put, a survival tin is […]