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The International Center of Aquaponics and Family Farming is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to discover, create, deploy, and teach strategic food growing solutions, both domestically and internationally. These endeavors encourage personal food production by developing community-based clean food growing programs designed to engage sustainable food growing practices.


arturo-aboutArturo Arredondo, Director
Arturo Arredondo is an International trainer, lecturer, consultant, and author with a passion for educating families around the world about growing their own clean food. While living in Washington, DC, he worked for The World Bank (The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and thereafter at The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Upon moving to Texas, he quickly developed a standing as one of the foremost authorities in Aquaponic family food production. Through these efforts, he has trained thousands of people in Aquaponics domestically and internationally. In addition, he has since expanded his efforts to include “TransFarming” which transforms the traditional way of thinking about personal food production with those which are more realistic for our times. Arturo currently resides in Austin, Texas. healthy family food consultant. She is currently launching company which produces healthy desserts.