10 Steps to Keep Pests Out of Your Backyard

For most of us, the backyard is our kingdom and our vegetable garden is our bread basket. And we don’t like intruders ransacking our kingdom, biting us as we BBQ, and pillaging our precious veggies. However, lots of folks are questioning whether or not dousing your yard with nasty chemicals is the best way to “protect” yourself and your kingdom. You might wonder,  aren’t there some steps they can take to avoid, or at least minimize, the use of chemical pesticides in your yard? Well good news. The answer is yes, most definitely. To help you get started, we have gathered […]

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How to Build Your Own DIY Fire Pit

Some people love to plop down on the couch and remain in a vegetative state all weekend. That’s fine for them… We’ve tried it and it just gives us massive cabin fever. That’s why we keep a full slate of cool DIY projects that get us out of the house. If the project can save me some money and improves quality of life at the same time… all the better. That’s why we really love this DIY fire pit project. It only takes a couple of hours to complete. Then afterwards, you have a professional looking pit that you can spend many […]